Bob first visited Earth many millions of years ago on a search to expand his music plantations. It was then that he put the idea of using a device for the purpose of making musical sounds into the minds of early man, however they started to make these objects out of each other’s dead parts. Later he returned with the idea of the wooden trumpet, placing the idea into the minds of some aboriginal bloke, which never took off until a guy called Rolf came along in the sixties.
To save his race, Bob continued to strive to create an inexhaustible resource of music – he even put the idea of playing drums into Macaques monkeys, but they ended up not being very rhythmical. It’s only in recent years that with the help of Rolf and a few other disciples, that Bob has been able to harvest the music crop his people so need to survive, however he still didn’t have it in abundance in any one place.
So in the mists of political uncertainty, Bob hatched a plan to put the idea into the minds of some clever politicians to recreate a replication of his own home in outer space, here on Earth. But Bob knew he couldn’t be that blatant about his plans to start off with, so he infiltrated the politicians’ minds with the idea of a celebration of the Millennium – this was all part of the master plan! Bob would then let the idea fail and then from the flames, a mecca of music was to rise like a magnificent marvelous art form.
Now people wonder why we have a spaceship -shaped dome in the middle of London, never suspecting that this was Bob’s cool idea in the first place (sorry to blow your cover Bob!) On the Saturday 23rd July, Bob plans to have the biggest expansion of signed and Unsigned music transported from planet Earth. He requires your energy resource and presence to make this happen, that’s another idea he’d like to put in your mind.